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Making Tow Vehicle Suspension Upgrades in Edmonton, Alberta

Whether it is an occasional lightweight hauling or months-long caravanning and camping, it is important to be considerate of the additional stress imposed on your tow vehicle’s suspension. At ABC Muffler & Hitch Shop Ltd, we provide load booster options and auto suspension upgrades in Edmonton. We offer a variety of suspension solutions and professional installation services on all types of vehicles. Our smart modifications can allow your vehicle to safely and powerfully haul the weight of your caravan, travel trailer, camper trailer, or fifth wheeler. We match you with the right equipment to level suspension and ensure a safe, comfortable, and hitch-free towing.

Comprehensive Suspension Solutions for Towing Vehicles of all Types

Commercial or personal, ABC Muffler & Hitch Shop Ltd has you covered for suspension modifications on any vehicle you may own. At our auto hitch shop in Edmonton, we help caravanners and commercial drivers to safely drive over both on-road and off-road conditions by empowering their vehicles to better cope with the additional load imposed. By making appropriate suspension and load booster improvements, you can prevent front-end float, which is the upward and downward bobbing of your vehicle around bumps. This is often due to the uneven weight distribution between your vehicles’ front and rear ends. Our aftermarket heavy-duty suspension components work wonderfully in levelling the ride and lowering the fore and aft pitching.

Impeccable Auto Suspension Installation Service

If you wish to transform your bumpy ride into a seamless journey, trust our experts to help you get the suspension kit that works right for your vehicle. Our team of professionals also perform installation work with faultless workmanship, using top quality products from Air Lift brand.

Our Capabilities

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Ready to Upgrade Suspension

Towing heavy loads can be a risk. Let us help you equip your vehicle with extra power for a safe and stress-free hauling!

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