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Complete Auto Security Parts in Edmonton, Alberta

Is your vehicle hitched correctly? When driving in rough weather, towing on steep heights, hauling heavyweight, and ensuring a safe weight distribution is important. All of this requires you to attach strong security components, including a proper hitch. At ABC Muffler & Hitch Shop Ltd, you can find a diverse range of auto security parts in Edmonton, Alberta. From airbags and compressors to load boosters, wheel locks, and king pin locks, we provide everything you need for a safe, secure, and seamless towing experience. Partner with our professional installers to have your vehicle hitched and ready to haul its weight.

Professional Auto Security Parts Installation Services in Edmonton

Our Capabilities

Coupler Locks
Wheel Locks
Receiver Locks
Versa-Cable Locks
King Pin Locks
Hitch Safe

Our Brands

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Trailer Hitch Lock Coupler

Keep your tailgating trailers or boat securely in place with the right locking pin!

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