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Flat Towing Sale and Installation in Edmonton, Alberta

Are you planning a personal or business expedition and wonder if your SUV or any other everyday vehicle could tag along? ABC Muffler & Hitch Shop Ltd offers easy-to-maneuver flat towing options with modern hook-up capabilities. In addition, the tow bars used in flat towing or four-down towing are lightweight, low-costing equipment, which makes them have an economical way for you to carry your vehicle around. At our muffler and hitch shop, we sell and install high-performance tow bars and other flat towing components in Edmonton, Alberta. We carry a variety of components to equip your RV or motorhome with the right product that meets your towing capacity and fits the vehicle you want to flat tow.

Let Us Help You Set Up Your RV for Your Towing Needs

A tow bar is a primary component in your towing system as it is the component that connects your RV and the tow vehicle. Since all tow bars perform this basic function, we help you choose the right tow bar based on the towing capacity, type of mount, and other optional features of convenience that may vary from brand to brand. Aside from selling and setting up tow bars, we also do tow bar wiring, base plate installation, and supplemental braking system installation work to ensure that your towing activities are safe and comply with the legality and insurance norms. We realize that RVing is more than just a way of enjoyable exploration, it is a great responsibility. That is why we are here to help you get ready for every flat tow trip or errand.

Our Capabilities



Tow Bars

tow bars

Tow Bar Adapters

Tow bars adapters

Tow Shields

Tow shields

Braking Systems

Braking system

Coil Cables

Coil Cables

Safety Cables

Safety cables

Diode Wiring Kits

Diode wiring kits

Braking System for Tow Vehicle

Safely flat tow any vehicle you want with synchronized brake mechanics!

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